Help, sometimesI can't get my car out of "Park"

I have 2005 Buick LeSabre, automatic.

On occasions, if I am parked on an incline…either uphill or downhill, I have the devil of a time getting the gear out of park. I took it to the dealer, and of course, they did not have the problem.

I’ve talked with friends who have Buicks and they too, have this problem.

When you stop to park, stop, put shift lever in neutral, set parking brake, take foot off brake, place shift lever into park. The “trick” is to NOT let the transmission hold the car in place, but, rather, let the park brake hold the car.

Dear hellokit,

Thank you so much!!! I’ll surely try this.

I’m a 71 year-old lady and boy is it a struggle to get it out of park. My husband and another fellow had to "rock the car’ before I could get it out of park the last time I had the problem.

When they were rocking it, they were doing what the parking brake is supposed to do, taking the weight of the car off of the transmissions parking prawl.

Dear jsutter,
thanks…my mechanical knowledge wound’t fill a thimble.

Some parking (“emergency”) brakes don’t hold the car so well. If you park alongside a curb, car pointing downhill, turn the wheels to the curb and let the tire contact the curb, let off the foot brake, set the parking brake, and, then, place shifter into park.
If you are parking along a curb, pointing uphill, turn the wheel to let the back of the front tire contact the curb, let off the foot brake, set the parking brake, and shift to park.

Thanks. I do recall that tip from Drivers’ Ed

I say "yes’ to all the above!!