Wet Passenger Side Floor

After running my a/c I noticed my passenger side carpet/floor was very wet (like something had spilled on the floor).

I still get the puddle of water underneath the outside of the van, but where do I check to see why I am getting water on the inside of the van? How do I fix it?

Well, obviously, you didn’t make the pit stop soon enough (or your passenger shouldn’t have bought the 2-gallon size coke)!

Kidding aside - the source is most likely the evaporator, tucked up under the dash. If it were me, I would probably (never done this mind you) remove any panels needed, get a flashlight and observe the evap housing while A/C running to determine where water is dripping. My guess is there is a hole in the housing letting some water drip into the passenger compartment.

Good luck!

The AC drain is likely blocked. The trick is to find the drain for your specific model and year car. Then use some string trimmer line or a little compressed air to clean out the drain.

Yup, your drain is blocked. The water is backing up into the vehicle instead of draining underneath.

I was afraid that it wouldn’t be simple. As soon as I get brave enough I’ll give it a try…or maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will make me some Shamwow floor mats. LOL