Wet Floors?

I have a 2004 Grand Prix and while driving on a hot, dry day from Chicago to St. Louis I discovered my passenger side floor carpet was soaking wet. The back floor had over a pint of water in the carpet and the front almost as much. I dried it up and had the same thing on the way home. No drinks spilled, no coolers leaking, all systems in the car seem to be OK. What the heck could this be??

The condensate drain tube on your air conditioner is plugged up. An easy fix, usually you can clean it out from below. A piece of weedeater “string” is the preferred implement, it is stiff enough to do the job but won’t poke a hole in the evaporator.

Had the car been out in the rain recently?

Thanks for the idea but no, there has been no rain for over a week where I live.

Then that indicates a likely blocked drain for the A/C condensation.