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Chrysler Pacifica Motor Mounts

I have a 2008 Chrysler Pacifica with less than 40,000 miles. I do not drive on bad roads (mostly interstate) and the dealer tells me I need new motor mounts. He said this has been a problem with Pacificas but there has been no recall. Anyone else have this problem?

Hopefully this is covered by warranty. If not Chrysler should pay for it as goodwill if they want to keep the few customers they already have.

Motor mounts? I haven’t heard of this problem with this vehicle (I have an '05; not sure if the mounts are the same). The swaybar endlinks are another matter. They are the same as those used in the 4th generation minivans and are prone to early failure. The result is clunking in the front end when cornering or accelerating.

I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica and also need motor mounts. I bought the Added Care Plus extended warranty when I bought the car, and nothing that goes wrong with the car is covered. Chrysler does not list the motor mounts as a recall item, but I plan to fight it. The EGR valve had to be replaced last year and they wouldn’t cover that expense, but soon after I paid to have it replaced, they sent a letter stating that is was a recalled item that I could get reimbursed. I feel if a large number of Chrysler Pacifica owners come forward, they would do something about the motor mounts and covering them as a recall item.
Los Angeles, CA

Not only are the motor mounts on Chrysler Pacificas prone to failure, they have failed at such a high rate that–according to someone who posted a few weeks ago–there are many thousands of them on backorder.

Since you have such a new vehicle, yours will be covered by warranty–whenever they actually arrive at the dealership. Owners of older Pacificas are essentially screwed unless Chrysler owns up to this mass defect, or unless NHTSA orders a recall.

For everyone’s sake, the OP should report the problem with his/her vehicle to NHTSA, via their website.

I own an '04 pacifica, 40k miles, with same motor mount issue. My mechanic called the dealership and basically got the same story that’s already been posted, “their on backorder”. I read several other chat forums about this issue and one owner posted a web-site (R.U.Z. Sales) located in NY. I took a chance and order the front and transmission motor mounts approximately $220 with shipping. Received them in 4 days and had my mechanic install them yesterday. The parts are available. I think Chrysler knows they have a problem and are simply not purchasing. Recalls cost them, not us.

Cerberus, the current owners of Chrysler, will likely follow their usual pattern of trying to extract every available dollar from this failing enterprise before it goes under. As a result, it would not be surprising if they are dragging their heels on providing replacement parts under warranty.

When an investor group like Cerberus buys a business, it usually sounds the death knell for that company. I doubt that Chrysler will be around much longer, at least in its current form.

This will be my second time in less than 2 months that I’ve had to replace the motor mounts on my 04 Pacifica! I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! Its clear why they went BANKRUPT!

I have the same situation here?2004 Pacifica with 50,000 miles. In 2006 the dealer replaced two motor mounts and I brought it in again last August 2008 for the same thing. Needless to say, it has been almost a year and the dealers OEM motor mounts are still on back-order. My dealer (one that is slated NOT to close) said that if I can find Chrysler mounts, they will install them under the extended warranty and reimburse me for the parts cost. I can find aftermarket mounts on the web but the only OEM mounts I found were on a Russian website, but I don?t have the willingness to try this route.
I went back to the dealer today and got the same story. I guess that the only positive thing was that as they are on back order now, when my warranty expires in July 2010 they will still be installed under the warranty (but that could change?does anyone remember when they used to sell Fiats in the States???).
If someone out there has a lead on OEM mounts, please keep us posted.

I am going through this right now with my 2004 Pacifica. Three of the four motor mounts are shot. I was told both by the Customer Service Department when I transferred the warranty, and by the service agent that this was covered. They were mistaken. How does Chrysler expect to survive at all when they treat consumers this way? But mostlyu, where do we go to request a recall?

I have a 2007 Pacifica with just over 55k miles (and out of warranty, of course). Brought it into the dealership to have a recall taken care of (reprogramming the PCM, which i admittedly procrastinated taking care of) and was told the front motor mount is bad. I questioned how that could be - the car is only 4 years old. He showed me a bad mount from a PT cruiser & said the rubber shock absorbers within the mount crack and cause problems - similar issue with Pacificas. Obviously this is a manufacturer defect and the dealership was aware of that fact - how else would they know to check a motor mount when it wasn’t there for anything other than reprogramming the computer?? Where’s the recall???

Me too. 2008 Pacifica with 45k on it and has 2 bad mounts 1 front and 1 rear… and these are not covered parts…but they sure are defective!!! its all over the internet - thousands of sites with People complaining about bad mounts on Pacificas… even if they dont recall (which they should). At least recall the damn stock piled parts out there so I’m not buying a bum replacement!!!

I have no doubt that what everyone is saying is true, that this is a common problem with this vehicle, but personally I feel much better if the shop can SHOW me rather than tell me. Did they show you? Never be afraid to ask.

after they were out ,yes. and before out, all you have to do is hold brake down, put it in drive- you hear the bang sound. then rev it up and watch motor want to do a back flip, lol. They were separated where they are molded to the center oil filled canister center part…removed in two pieces.


My question was actually directed to the OP, however your post shows how obvious a busted motor mount can be.

Manufacturers don’t issue a recall on a vehicle unless there’s a safety issue with a defective component. Defective motor mounts don’t fall under this catagory. There is a Technical Service Bulletin for the motor mounts on these vehicles but no recall.

The next time you go to look at a Chrysler vehicle for possible purchase, look closely at the vehicle. And where you see little round marks on the vehicle is where they were touched by eleven foot poles


This is a follow up on a 2+ year old post, so the OP is very likely not going to come back. I would consider zodiac the new OP.