2008 Pacifica motor mounts problem

I just had a nightmare with replacing my front and back motor mounts on my 2008 pacifica 4.0L with 65,000 mi. . I went to Chrysler and asked if broken mounts was covered with my factory extended warranty. They refused saying it was a wearable part. I think every part of an engine or transmission is wearable. So they wanted $540.00 to replace them. included $144.00/ mount. I bought the aftermarket mounts from Advance AP for $38 each and they were terrible. The rubber on the mounts was so flimsy it collapsed under the weight of the engine and caused the engine to ride on the car frame causing terrible vibration and a grinding noise from that. My message is to pay the extra for Chrysler to change them. It was a terrible job to do and I had to put spacers to hold up the engine from the frame. I hope this lasts for many miles, but I have no hope.
Chrysler has a motor mount problem with the Pacificas and they don’t want to recall because the Pacifica line is not made anymore. The design of the mounts is flawed.

That seems wrong somehow, the fact they went bad and the replacement parts are garbage. The consumer does not come first is my take.

“the replacement parts are garbage”

Read the OP’s post again, barkydog.
The OP bought aftermarket parts–which proved to be very poor quality–and is stating that it would have been worth the money to pay more for the genuine Chrysler parts.

However, it is also true that there is an issue regarding the design of the original motor mounts on this model. If you do a search on this site, you will see almost as many posts about failed motor mounts on Chrysler Pacificas as you will find relating to Honda Odysseys.

@VDCdriver, yes I should have stated aftermarket parts were garbage, and I cannot infer that applies to oem parts, but it was not an impressive record, 65k on oem parts.

It’s Possible Original OEM Parts Have Been Revised, As Sometimes Is Required (By All Manufacturers), However I Haven’t Seen A Technical Service Bulletin On It.

I’d bet Chrysler parts professionals and Chrysler technicians would be able to shed some light on it, though.



I think it is very likely that the original part has been revised by Chrysler, in light of the fact that OEM parts were unavailable (and were backordered) for several months. That period of unavailability probably represented the lag time from design to manufacturing to distribution of new-spec motor mounts.

Did you check the actual engine support mount located under the air cleaner box? The air cleaner box has to be removed in order to inspect this mount.

The engine mounts you replaced aren’t the support mounts for the engine. But instead are hydraulic control dampers. These mounts prevent the engine from twisting too far anytime torque is applied to the engine. So if the actual support mount is worn out, and you lower the engine weight onto the control dampers it’ll squash the control dampers.