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2005 Chrysler Pacifica Motor Mounts

Our right front motor mount is broken. Our local dealer tells us that there are over 2,600 on back order.

What can we do? It clunks upon acceleration. Are there any substitutes or ways to repair the old one?

No, the motor mounts cannot be repaired. If they are defective, they must be replaced.

If there is an aftermarket source, then that may be an option, but more than likely, only Chrysler supplies this part. However, you might want to check with a parts retailer (NAPA comes to mind) to see if there is an aftermarket source for this part.

That being said, this is a known problem on that model–hence the huge backorder of this part.
If I had an aftermarket auto parts manufacturing company, I would jump on this opportunity since this situation will only continue with Chrysler Pacificas as those parts deteriorate.

The motor mounts in your vehicle are hydraulic. Which means the rubber portion of the mount is filled with oil. At this time I don’t know of any aftermarket suppliers for the mounts for Chrysler vehicles. So unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the dealer aquires the back-ordered mounts.


order motor mounts @ (R.U.Z. Sales) located in NY. I order the front and transmission mounts for approximately $220 with shipping and received them in 4 days. My mechanic installed them yesterday so they are legitimate parts. I think Chrysler knows they have a problem. The parts are available they’re just not buying. Recalls cost them, not us.

I posted the original motor mount problem. The third response solved the problem.
All mounting parts are readily available from RUZ at
Many thanks to the individual who solved my problem.

Larry B.

I am sorry you paid so much for the mounts. There is a company on the internet @ - The Pacifica motor mounts that commonly fail are approx $95.00 if ordered online. I did the research and ordered them for a customer. They arrived the next day & they did not charge shipping. Glad to hear yours is fixed hope this helps other people.