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I would like to purchase a 2007 Crysler Pacifica. Since Crysler went out of business is this a wise move? Would there be a problem with getting parts in the future? Where would I bring the car in for maintenance? I tend to keep cars for a long time 5 -10 years.

I currently own a 07 toyota RAV4 which I do not like for many reasons.


To address your concerns; Chrysler IS NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. They have been bought by Fiat who will continue to operate the company, of which Uncle Sam and the Canadian government also own a good chunk.

Parts will be available since the car was produced in the US and parts were supplied by many North American firms. Your Chrysler-Fiat dealer wil be glad to service the car, as will many independent shops.

However, the Chrysler Pacifica is not a car with a good reliability record.
It rates “much worse than average” compared to “much better than average” for the Toyota Rav4. I’m not sure what you dislike about the Rav4, but I would recommend a Toyota model that is the equivalent of the Pacific, such as a Highlander or Venza, their new crossover vehicle.There are also good Mazda and Honda models that will meet your needs.

Going from a really good vehicle to one with a poor reliability record will be very traumatic for you.

Chrysler is not going out of business. However, the Pacifica isn’t known for reliability. You may want to consider something like the Honda CRV, Ford Escape, or Chevy Equinox.

Chrysler has not gone out of business. Where did you get that idea?

Do some research on the reliability of the Pacifica before you trade. There are things you may be concerned about, but Chrysler being out of business is not one of them. At least now right now.

Ever heard of Fiat? Well, Fiat and Chrysler are now partners, and Fiat has pulled Chrysler’s feet from the fire, just like Mercedes Benz did a few years ago. We’ll see how it works out, but, for now Chrysler is a going concern, and is NOT out of business.

You already know that Chrysler will continue to build cars and trucks. But how reliable is the Pacifica? It depends on who you consult. Consumer Reports says it’s less than average, whatever that means. MSN Autos (Identafix) says that there are “Infrequent problems reported, all with low repair costs.” Edmunds says that repair costs are about half way between the Lexus RX330 and the Toyota Highlander. (Lexus about $650 more over 5 years) I’m not sure who to believe, but 2 out of 3 say it’s a good bet. I say this because Identafix seems to say that all cars and trucks these days have only a few, inexpensive problems. Edmunds compares extended warranty costs. Consumer Reports is suspect because they never give you a cost, just a relative rating. Whatever that means. My experience with CR suggests that you should ignore them, but that is based on my experience with my Buick Regal. They now rate Buick highly. I’d guess the Pacifica is OK, but it’s your best guess. I suppose all you can do is find one that has been very well taken care of.

JT, I Agree With You About CU Car Evaluations. I Have Owned Many American Cars That Could Not Possibly Have Been Better That They Rated Below Average.
I have had both GM and Chrysler cars that have needed almost no repairs in hundreds of thousands of miles, regardless of ratings.

I believe those reliability ratings are based on customer surveys and impressions, not by testing. The ratings don’t “weight” problems, but rather lump them all into groups.

CU tests other products in their labs and I have been a subscriber for decades and use their test recommendations to buy electronics, appliances, batteries, etcetera, but not cars.

Besides that, Nyonion has stated a desire to purchase a Pacifica and has not asked for an opinion of the car’s attributes. I see nowhere in the question where that advice is sought. I wouldn’t own an Asian car (I have owned and operated them, extensively) and can understand dissatisfaction with a Toyota.

As others have pointed out, Chrysler parts / service should still be available. I say that if a Pacifica is what Nyonion wants, I appreciate that and say, “Go for it.”


P.S. I’m not done, yet. Had I posted the question and got advice about buying an Asian car instead, I would have to point out that there are no dealers within a couple hundred miles round trip (4-5 hours) from my home. However, all major domestic cars are represented here. Most independents prefer not to work on foreign badged cars here and parts availability is problematic.

The number of Pacificas on the road influences parts availability much more than the health of Chrysler Corp. With any vehicle brand, it is a good idea to avoid models that were only built for a short time with unique engines, transmission, or other parts. Those parts will be expensive and/or hard to find. Let me tell you about the hydraulic powered windshield wipers on my '67 Lincoln sometime.

A lot of Pacificas have been built since 2004. Chrysler sold even more minivans that shared engines and transmissions with the Pacifica. A quick check of the parts catalog shows six manufacturers (Bendix, Raybestos, etc.) make brakes for the '07 Pacifica; three manufacturers make serpentine belts; etc. The parts already exist and more parts will be made as long as enough of them are still on the road.

Remember American Motors? They were bought and sold, but it is still easy to find a new radiator, water pump, etc. for a '74 AMC Matador.

The Pacifica was North American made in Windsor, Ontario.