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I have a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica and I have replaced the front end motor mounts three times within the last year. What can I do because I refuse to keep paying for the same repair?

Aren’t the parts/labor under warranty? It sounds like either the parts used are inferior or something else is amiss, causing the front mounts to take more than their normal share of the torque, such as a bad transmission mount.

Find another mechanic.

Let me check my crystal ball here…ah yes, I see a new mechanic in your immediate future.

Ask you mechanic if he is using factory parts or aftermarket. At 70K I was told I needed a front mount on my Caravan. The rubber deteriorates, apparently a common problem for the Caravan. Less than a year later I was told again, same shop different manager, the mount needed to be replaced. I complained and produced the invoice for the first repair. The new manager said they had used an aftermarket mount. He said he would have used the factory part since, in his experience the aftermarket mounts don’t hold up as well. He warrantied the work. I only paid the price difference for the factory mount. About $20.

Beware of aftermarket parts from China, especially rubber ones…It’s kind of like those black rubber bungee cords you find in the dollar stores…They last about 15 minutes…10 minutes if exposed to direct sunlight…

What you have not really clarified is whether or not you’re talking about replacing the same mount. There’s more than one. Just wonderin’.