Motor Mounts

Recently I had our car into a local dealership for a clanking noise coming from the transmission. I was told it was due to bad motor mounts. The car has a 36K warranty and currently has 51K. The dealership would not fix the car under warranty. Now this is the fourth time the car has needed motor mounts. Three other times they relpaced the broken mount. I was told by another machanic, when replacing a broken mount, you replace all four. Is this true and since they had worked on the mounts previously, should they have not repaired the mounts this time also?

What Model-Year Is This Pacifica ? I Don’t Think They Owe You Anything Beyond The 36,000 Miles.

I’d replace just the broken mount. Is this the same one that has gone bad each time ? There should be a “parts warranty” on the ones you’re paying for, although it probably won’t be longer than 12 months or 12,000 miles. Ask.


I think your driving habits combined with poor design may be causing this problem.
First of all, most cars have only two motor-mounts, according to the directions the engine is designed to make, a motion forward and a motion in reverse. Failure usually involves the forward motion.
In your case I would replace all four mounts at once.

I will say this current era in automotive technology seems to be one that has picked motor mounts to be the problem child, for many different maufactures.I must also add that I have never been told or read any manufacture instructioms about only replacing motor mounts in complete sets. Can you put forth a theory why they should be replaced only in complete sets?

If one is junk, they probably all are junk…

I’m also curious about the details behind these mount replacements. Same one, mount or mounts (plural), etc.?

Count me as being in disagreement with the replace them all theory. If one is bad, why change the other (often pricy) three?
A neglected broken motor mount can cause any or all of the others to fail eventually but you simply don’t change them en masse unless they’re bad also.

Mechanics get bashed enough anyway without throwing more fuel on the fire.