S10 starting problem

was driving my 98 s10 2.2 auto shut it off wouldnt start found ign fuse blown replaced it blem again found the harness on manifold burnt i replaced all bad wires now wheni put fuse back in it tries to start even with key out turn key on replace fuse will start but keeps trying to start what did i do wrong or any suggestions what to do

There were several wires connected with the battery positive on the starter solenoid stud plus the START wire which I believe was purple connected to the smaller stud on the solenoid. Maybe you crossed some wires. But the problem is almost certainly at the solenoid terminals. Did you cut and strip the wires and reconnect them?

yep redid them all 1 at a time i was thinking of un hooking the ignition wires from steering column and making sure it didnt fry when wires shorted on manifold

That’s your best bet @nitebreed.

ty vm if that doesnt do it i may see if the small wire that activates the starter isnt shorted out on the big wire that has constant power thats the 2 only things i can think of what ya think?
and btw ty vm for ur imput

The wires that connect to the battery cable at the starter are fusible links. The first 6 to 10 inches of the wire acts as a fuse. You need to check out the ratings on those links and replace them as you track down any damage further back in the wiring.

is it possible that the ignition fried and could be doing it or you think its the charge wire for starter shorted between starter n my fix ?

Yes. The switch could be fried.

Do you have a multi-meter?

going to tow it home tonite where would you look 1st starter wire from starter up or take down stering and check ignition ? and i have not removed starter on 1 of these yet is it a pain and another question if u dont mind if i drop stering and un hook the ignition and checked to see if the starter was getting power would that be the only thing that way to check i figured it was fried ignition box or short in the small charge wire on starter and would find that short between starter n fuse box in engine bay cause the burnt wires are between fuse block and starter didnt know if maybe the small wire an large starter wire maybe fused togeather farther near starter lol sorry for bugging and ty vm .

Electrical circuits can be a real pain to deal with and if you aren’t somewhat familiar with DC circuits and wiring I hope you won’t be missing work until you get this sorted out and repaired @nitebreed. And I drop in here off and on all day just to enjoy being bugged. If you don’t have a multi-meter you need to get one and you need to find a wiring diagram of your trucks charging/starting system.

in the fuse box the ign fuse should it have power on either side or just 1 side when key is activated?

A good fuse will have continuity. That means if it is getting current the current will continue through it. If a switch that sends current to a fuse is turned OFF the fuse will have no power to send through it… A fuse is a switch, so to speak. A fuse will carry current until the current exceeds the fuses designed capacity at which time it turns off by burning itself out and is forever OFF. At that point there will be current at the incoming side but no current(power) at the outgoing side.

i checked the purple wire to the starter (purple ) selinoid wire to see if it was shorted or getting power from being shorted it wasnt but the fuse ign a 40 amp did indeed have power to 1 side all the time even when key is off so did fuse ign b 50 amp i wonder if this is due to the short maybe burning up my ign box in steering column ?

also my speedometer didnt work when we pulled it home but headlights came on and raido

If a fuse has power at one side and not the other it is burned out. Replace it. You may need a sack full of fuses before you get to the bottom of this problem.

Don’t worry about the speedometer until you get the start/short circuit issue settled.

when i replace the fuse in ign a it tries to start even with key off if i turn key on it will start but starter doesnt stop till i pull fuse then truck dies also i wonder if the constant hot in the ignition has fused with the acc in the ignition under steering column

Your truck may have a START relay. If so it is likely in the underhood relay/fuse box. Check your fuse box and if there is a START relay remove it and replace it and test to see if the starter engages when the IGNITION fuse is installed.

i have the fuse block cover here in hand lol cause them damn skeeters were eating me up i see a large outline that says starter so i bet thats the relay and a buddy said may be a good idea to pop that fuse box up and look and see if anything is burnt maybe it is shorted on the power strip that runs under there

got it all fixed ty vm for your help rod knox