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1998 Chevy S10 loss of electrical power

What would cause the abrupt loss of all electrical power? This happened when leaving the parking lot of local store. When jump starter used, full power popped on when both cables were attached. Gauges normal, running fine. Leery of using it as I don’t want to get stranded. Husband not concerned. I am driving the car. This is a 5 speed, 130,000 miles.

Consider checking the battery cable ends and the junction terminal. The junction is a takeoff point near the battery where all electrical power is furnished to the truck except for starter motor operation.

When it comes to a GM vehicle with the side mount battery terminals with an electrical problem, the first suspect is the positive battery cable assembly. Especially on a GM of your age.

The positive terminals under the red rubber cover for the positive cable connection can form corrosion where a voltage drop can occur. This can cause all sorts of problems with the vehicles electricals.

Try replacing the positive cable assembly for the battery. That’s where i’d start.


I have to clean the positive battery terminal on my 2000 S10 Blazer every month or two. The outside doesn’t show any corrosion, but when the terminal is removed and the rubber peeled back the corrosion is on the back of the terminal. I also check and clean the negative terminal at the same time. Always disconnect the negative terminal first when doing any work on the battery.

This seems to be an S10 thing since I have a 93 Caprice with side terminals that do not have corrosion problems.

Ed B.