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1998 S10 won't start

My dad has a 1998 S10, 4.3 2wd. He said it gave all clues to a starter going out. We replaced the starter and solenoid, charged the battery and got clicking. The lights turn, radio, etc. When we turn it over, we get clicking and thats it. Not sure where to go from here, would appreciate it if someone could help. Thanks!

Have you tried jumper cables? It could be bad battery, bad cables or bad cable connections.

How did you charge the battery? Did you check it with an electrical meter afterwards? What do you get in DC volts?

If it truly is charged then its time to move onto the cables.

Try removing the battery cables, and on the positive battery terminal peel back the red rubber cover to expose the terminal connections. If a lot of corrosion is found under the red rubber cover for the positive battery terminal, replace the positive battery cable assembly.