Can moderator change my username?


Please, I don’t care what it is, can be anything like Anonymous7634. I didn’t get to chose my username and didn’t realize what it was until I attempted to post something. Can a moderator please change it I don’t care what it is. Thanks.


You’ll have to ask Carolyn at @cdaquila


Been through board changes, maybe it is better now but in previous iterations one had to start over


how do I message that person exactly? Sorry I’m not good with this site.


Many people use their name or an alias name and as long as you don’t post your address or email you should be safe.


Click on the @cdaquila that I gave you and click on “message” when it pops up. She is quite helpful.


Thanks for the Help!


Do give her some alternative names that you would like. Don’t make her guess. She may need a couple of alternatives just in case your first choice(s) are already taken.


I chose a username when I first signed up 2 days ago but it is not showing what I chose. Who do I contact to fix this? I can’t seem to get into my account where there is the option to set a user name. I also uploaded a photo to go with my name and it is no longer there. Not sure what is going onl
Hope someone can contact me.


Send a private message to @cdaquila with your request. Click on your L in a circle at the top right of page and then click on the messages button.


Thank you. I followed your instructions but am not at all familiar with this messaging system. I do not know if I sent a private message or not - it seemed to just come back to me. Are all these messages private? It looks like it is general discussion.


Hi. Is it looking right now? I changed it to the username you selected on Please let me know if you would like something else.


I am not sure but would consider changing from barkydog to “something else” if it is not taken,:grin: