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Blog username

Created account, then entered a blog for discussion – blog user name was my full name as filled in when creating the amount; wanted to have a username just for the blog and tried to edit profile but no place to edit name for blogs. Where and/or how might I do this?

William, If It’s Possible To Do This Then You’ll Get Help From Carolyn, The Car Talk Community “Commander.”

She monitors this site and you’ll know she’s here making the rounds ensuring that everything is copacetic when you see cdaquila in the Who’s Online box off to the right when you’re logged in.


I just sent Carolyn a personal message about the OP’s request .

Hi, if you tell me what you’d like your name to be, I can change it for you.

You can feel safe in realizing that once Carolyn changes your tag I’ll never remember your real name, Phil.
Carolyn, perhaps you could move this to a private conversation until you get Phil’s tag changed???

I changed the name temporarily to make it anonymous. I’m leaving the thread here so he sees it in case he doesn’t check his e-mail. When I know he knows, I can delete it.

You’re a good lady, Carolyn.

Thanks, TSM! :smile:

I have the same problem. I cannot figure out how to send a message directly to you so I am hoping this finds you.

Hi, it looks like it has successfully changed. If you have any further problems, please let me know.

Haha I also have the same problem and also can’t figure out how to DM you @cdaquila so am also hoping this finds you…I too wish my name to be different; it looks like it pulled my name from my email and I can’t have that on the web because it’s my actual real name. I input the nickname NoRustGus during account creation, but I can’t see it anywhere now (?).

Hi there. Can you log out and log back in? Should take now. Thanks for letting me know.

Sick; thank you!!!

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