Change username

sorry maybe I am misunderstanding. I could change weekend warrior to whatever I want and the profile picture. if you are talking about something else, then I stand corrected.

I changed my sub-name.

What in the world is a “sub name”? I’m posting on my phone in Chrome and all I see is someone’s user name.

click on Nevada’s avatar, under Nevada_545 it will say Nevada slob.
as for how he did it, well you will have to ask him.

Okay, never bothered to do that before. You learn something all the time.

I don’t remember if there’s a cool down time for that or not…click on somebody’s circle, then message will appear in the upper right hand corner of the box that opens up (red button). If that’s not there, then you’re probably still in a new account cool down.

I will send you a Private Message so that you can see if you can respond to it…

This is how to originate a Private Message.

Looking at the graphic below:… Click on the Username or Avatar of a User that you wish to privately communicate with and a window will pop up like displayed below. Click on the Red Box “Message”.

A “Start Message Window” will pop up and the first entry in the message box (for example: will be the link to the message that the sender is referencing from…

Click in below this and type in your message. When you are finished, click “Message” and away it goes.

After you have replied to my message, try originating one to me…