Change out speedometer

Hi all. I just bought a 2007 Honda Fit and it has kilometers for the speedometer (Canadian version). I see on ebay I can buy a speedometer cluster for pretty cheap. The guy who sold it to me said I could swap it out and was only 2 screws. Would it be recommended for me to do this myself? I am pretty good with cars, but never have done anything such as this.

Maybe, some cars it isn’t that simple. Some cars require that the cluster be programmed by the dealer, It’s done to prevent odometer tampering.

Check with your local Honda dealer, the may be able to just re-program/convert yours to miles for less than the one from ebay

Why change it from metric? I once owned a 1990 Ford Aerostar Eddie Bauer model. There was a button that would change the readout from miles to kilometers. I switched the readout to kilometers when I would drive the Aerostar. I wanted to get used to thinking in metric. The Aerostar had a digital readout for both the speedometer.and odometer. On the interstate, I would drive between 115 and 120 kilometers per hour. Around town, I would drive between 45 to 50 kph. In school zones I would drive 25 kph. I got to the point where I didn’t have to calculate mph from kph.
It’s rather like learning another language. I took two years of German in college. I was just about to the point where I could think in the language. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep it up after the courses were over.
Within a couple of months, you.will think in metric and your Honda won’t give you Fits.

A gps unit would be a thought, mine displays speed and also the speed limit for the road you are on.

Doesn’t this Honda fit have both MPH and KMPH on the dial .

That would be way to easy.

Since I am cooling down after washing , vacuum and cleaning the interior of two vehicles . I looked at a couple of Canadian used vehicle sites . It seems that while my US vehicles have the MPH in larger numbers and the KM numbers smaller inside them the Canadian vehicles have the KM larger . Or just the opposite. Seriously , how hard is to just look at the smaller numbers.

Most cars made in the US and also sold in Canada and Mexico have speedometers showing both . In the US, the miles per hour are on the outside of the dial ad the kms on the inside. In Canada the kms are on the outside and the miles on the inside.

A cheap and effective solution.

Did that yesterday, washed and waxed my pickup. Sweatbox.

Go online and see if any instructions. I changed the display on my previous Silverado, wasnt too hard.

I thought all car’s were like that for the last 30 or 40 year’s.

Yep… read the small print. This is from an 07/08 Fit.

On a change, my friend bought a new Dodge Little Red Wagon truck in PA, and all had odometers that read in km. When selling the truck, the dealer knocked off 20% for high mileage (40,000). Woody explained that was 25000 miles, but the dealer just gave a blank stare.

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I felt certain that was the case. But I looked at a used Canadian vehicle site just to confirm . I wonder if the OP is unaware of that fact . As for how long having both on the speedometer I have no idea .

The replacement data I’m looking at suggests it’s a pretty easy job, less than one hour to replace the instrument cluster. It’s more complicated than just 2 screws though. If it affects the odometer reading, good idea to contact the DMV to see what’s legally required. Otherwise you may have difficulty selling the vehicle in the future.

I was talking to the Honda dealership in my local town, and they said the meters would not work properly due to different metering of km to miles. Although they admitted they didn’t know what they were talking about. So you think it would work? I am thinking of trying it.

I like the way you think. I also thought it would be a good idea to get used to thinking in metric. Thanks for the encouragement!

THanks for all the replys. Yes you are correct mperry, it has both, but the mph is really small. It’s really not a big deal, but the cluster is only $50 on ebay so might just try.

Some cars. like the Ford Explorer, have an electronic switchover built in. It changes the speedo reading and the odometer as well as the fuel consumption. This may only be on the top line models, however. Both our cars, a Toyota and a Mazda have the dual reading speedos.

I just put a piece of red pinstripe tape to mark my 3 normal speeds. I could estimate in between. :smiley:

Hey that is a good idea. I’m thinking Sharpie lol