Switching Jetta Speedometer Cluster from KM to MPH?



I own an '03 VW Wolfsburg Jetta. Long story short, I’m driving it back home from Canada, and I’d like to switch out the KM gauges for MPH when I arrive home. Is this something where I can purchase a used/replacement cluster and have a mechanic install, or does a dealer have to do it? And how much would that cost?


Since this car is sold all over the world in both metric and non-metric countires, finding a conversion set should not be difficult. I would visit a recycling (wrecking) yard and get the complete set of itmes involved. I believe the drive gears a the same, so the instrument cluster and its internals would be what is needed. The labor cost would likely exceed the parts cost, since there is little demand in the US for such an instrument cluster.

Good Luck


I would buy little circular stick-on labels and re-number my display—much cheaper and much faster.


I believe it is an easy change, but it requires a VAG-COM to do it. You need to find someone who regularly works on VW’s an they can hook their VAG-COM up to it and make the change.


The previous recommendations may be more accurate, but if your instrument cluster is DIGITAL, then you might be able to switch it to MPH without replacement. First try, with ignition off, pressing down on the “Trip Reset” button and while holding down on that button turn your key to Accessory. If the KM doesnt blink then try key to Ignition position. If it blinks, release button, then press “Trip Reset” again and it should switch to MPH. Again, knowing nothing, this is what I would try before buying a replacement. Good luck.


The dealer has to do it.
Back in the old days, a mechanic with a vag-com could do it. But now, the only way to sync to new cluster with the engine immobilizer is with the dealer’s computer.
Sorry, no alternatives.


Only the odometer and the gear selection (in the bottom middle of the dash showing which gear you’re in) are digital, the speedometer and everything else is analog. The transmission is a 5-speed auto/Triptonic system, if this helps at all.
So…if I buy a replacement cluster at a yard, off eBay, etc., can I have a mechanic install the part, or does the Jetta need to be reset from a dealer’s shop? -That seems to be the main issue. And I assume if a dealer must do the switch, that I can’t just give him a spare that I purchased for cheaper to fix?


Why bother? I think you would be able to quickly realize how many Km/hr equals a MPH speed limit after knowing a few key points on the speedometer.


I’d like to bother making the change because I won’t be the only one driving the car. Furthermore, I don’t think any person would want to buy the car off of me should I want to get something else along the road. If I’m wrong, please, someone explain.


You can buy a replacement from a junkyard, ebay, etc.
Any mechanic can physically replace the cluster for you.
However, a VW dealer must sync up the new cluster to the ECU. Otherwise, the car will not start.
Only the dealer has access to the secret key code that is needed to do this.


I’ll echo mshunga’s response.
look up jcwhitney’s website(or any parts store like advance auto), they sell these little gauge cluster stickers that have different designs on them.


Thanks for all the responses. They are much appreciated.
Hmmm…I can’t seem to find any of those gauge stickers spoken of online anywhere. Or even some after market gauge clusters with cool lights and whatnot… Could anyone direct me to a site like the fore mentioned, with reasonable pricing? Thanks!!!


isn’t the MPH dial inside (but smaller) on this car?

or does it have NO MPH at all.

i susect that if you bring this into the US it WILL NOT pass US emissions.


It does have small print of MPH… infact, so small, and only in increments of twenty, that you sort of have to guess what exact speed you’re traveling. To pass emissions, that’s an issue for another day. Shouldn’t be a problem, though.
Anyone have any direction to websites that provide the fore mentioned cluster goods? (I can’t find them anywhere!!)


Is there an auto part(NAPA, advance auto/autozone) store nearby? perhaps a “speed shop”(shop where you see ricer/tuner cars going to all the time)?
If they don’t have it, chances are they might be able to send you in the right direction.


Those stickers I mentioned…any office suply store has them…