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Changing a Honda Pilot Odometer Setting


My uncle recently bought a 2005 Honda Pilot in Florida. But he lives in Canada, so he has to change the odometer settings from Miles to Kilometers. We looked through the manual and were not able to find an answer. If someone could tell us how, that would be great. Thank you so much!

A call to Honda’s customer service folks should yield the desired information.
The Owner’s Manual should have a toll-free phone number for contacting them.

You can do it mathematically. Multiply the number of miles by 1.61 to get kilometers. Or, multiply the number of kilometers by 0.62 to get miles.

A lot of the GM cars just have a button to push to go from US to metric on the digital dashes. If the Honda doesn’t have that them me thinks you may need to replace the instrument cluster with a Canadian version. Also better double check whether Honda Canada will honor the US warranty.

If there is no button, then is it likely that a dealer can reprogram it to display in km. I doubt that the cluster would have to be replaced.