2008 Chevy Tahoe speedometer cluster

This truck is from Canada. I need to convert speedometer cluster from kilometers per hour to miles per hour. The kilometers are on top and miles per hour under them. Want to convert. I have viewed kits to change the face. They have the miles per hour on top. BUT! Does the tranny need to be re calibrated?

Does the tranny need to be re calibrated?

Boy do I doubt it, but then I don’t really understand your issue anyway. If you already have both mph and kph displayed, who cares top from bottom?

Have you looked in your owner’s manual? Speedos and odos are no longer cable driven, they’re driven by electronic signals from the Body Control Module, as interpreted from the Vehicle Speed Sensor. And, since manufacturers are making the vehicles to be sold world wide, they’re enabling the program to be set to display in wither metric or English. Usually the instructions are in the owner’s manual.

+1 for the same mountainbike because your answer is in your owner’s manual.

If the scales are the same (0-120 mph/0-200kph, just reversed top to bottom) no other mods needed.

Good point. If they are both on the dial, you can replace the dial face if you prefer that mph be the prominent display. Here’s one.


Just stop at the dealer’s ask the guy at the parts window for an “exploded view” drawing of the instrument cluster installation, and you’ll have a project for the weekend.

Not to worry… modern instrument clusters are just plug in modules. No cables or anything like that. I changed my own instrument cluster face a few times trying to improve my ability to read the dials in low light conditions. Turned out, the dials were fine… I had cataracts and was losing my vision. The dial problem went away when I had my eye surgery.