Engine oil light stays on

Had my oil change and the light stays on ,any ideas

On a 2002 yukon

Don’t drive it until you get this checked out.

Could be a number of things from faulty sending unit to faulty oil pump.

First, you need to clarify “oil light”.
Is it a light indicating a low oil level, or is it an indication of low oil pressure?
The difference can be…significant.

I know that on some vehicles with a low oil level indicator, it is necessary to re-set the light after an oil change.

However, with all vehicles, a low oil pressure warning=Shut down the engine and do not re-start it until you have determined the source of the problem.

Also, have you actually checked the dipstick to determine if the level of oil in the crankcase is up to the “full” mark?

As mentioned above, we need to know exactly what light this is. Please open your owner’s manual and summarize their description of this light. It might indicate that the oil is due to be changed, that the oil pressure is low, or that the oil level is low.

Was this oil change at a dealership, an independent mechanic, or a quick-lube place?

Light was on when tech drove car out of service bay? Did he say anything? If I was a monkey tech at bobs oil world, I might not notice red oil light. Maybe a tech at the GM dealer might? They are paid more.

This has got to be a joke.

Yeah, I hope so.

Maybe the OP is actually OJ Simpson…

I think this does have a low oil level light. Or is OP asking about the oil change reminder message light?

Okay, that makes 3 possible “oil lights”.
Will the OP return to answer our questions?

After getting oil changed, first thing to do is check the oil level for oil. Oil changers have been known to forget to put oil back in, put oil in the transmission instead of the engine, forget the drain plug, etc. Agree though some clarification of which of three lights would be helpful. Its possible though the OP is sitting on the side of the road with a blown engine by now though.

Checking the level is the absolute first thing you need to do. They might have forgotten to put the new oil in. Especially if you used a Jiffy Lube.

Try turning ignition to on position, quickly push the gas pedal to the floor three times, then start the engine. Oil change reminder light will flash for a few seconds then go out.

Because more than 24 hours has elapsed without the OP returning to respond to any of our questions, I am going to assume that either…
he/she was not very concerned with the issue…
the engine has already seized-up as a result of low oil pressure or a low oil level.

More than 48 hours later–without the OP returning to respond to our questions–I have to conclude that the OP’s question was not a serious inquiry.

A wild thought . . .

this vehicle has an “oil change required” message, which pops up in the cluster, at 5000 mile intervals

Maybe it wasn’t reset after the oil change

That is essentially what insightful and pleasedodgevan were suggesting as a possibility, but I think that we are not likely to ever see the final chapter in this saga.