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Low oil warning message

I had an oil change a month or so ago and everytime I start th car I get a low oil light warning. I brought it back to where I had the oil change done and they did another change for free and it still comes on. I have also checked the oil myself and there is plenty. Because it is a 2007 Impala is there maybe a setting that needs to be turned off after the oil chnage is done? I did not take it to the dealer to get the oil chnaged. In the past I took it too the dealer and this did not happen.

Turn the ignition switch to the RUN position so that the dash lights come on, and press the accelerator pedal three times.


Is this a low oil pressure or a low oil level light?

If it is a low oil pressure warning light, this car needs to go the dealer’s service department, as this is a warranty issue.

If it is a low oil level warning light–and the oil level is normal, and the reset procedure described by Tester has been done, to no avail–this is also a warranty issue.

Perhaps you should get into the habit of checking the oil between oil changes. This oil light should not be your first warning that your oil is low. You should raise the hood and check the dip stick every time you fill the tank with gas.

Check the oil dip stick and tell us if the oil is really low. If you don’t know how to do this, ask a friend to show you how to check the oil.

It is low oil level. I will try what “tester” suggested. I check the oil on every other gas fill. I check it when the car is running and after it has been sitting for awhile.

Tester’s advice was about resetting the oil light. If the oil is low, resetting the light won’t prevent the engine from being damaged from a lack of oil. The first thing you need to do is add oil to the engine to bring it to a safe level. You should also find out where the oil is going and fix the problem or you will destroy your engine. Until you get it fixed, you should check the oil every day. It either has a leak or it is burning oil.

The car shouldn’t be running when you check the oil. That is only necessary when you check the automatic transmission fluid. Please shut the car off before you check the oil.

Isn’t the key on 3 times gas pedal press for a “change oil” light? Does it do double duty for a “low oil light” warning?

You don’t mention if the oil is really low when you get the warning.

You oil is getting low enough between changes to turn on a “low oil” light?

Why did the oil change place think another oil change sould be the course to cure a “low oil” light?

I am not familiar with Impalas, but on most cars, low oil sensors are not the most reliable sensors on the car. Isn’t your car still covered by a bumper to bumper warranty?

If it is not under warranty, I would first find the sensor (probably attached to the side of the oil pan near the bottom of the engine) and look over its wire lead and plug for signs of damage or corrosion.

If getting the specifications a voltmeter and doing an electrical diagnosis is not something you are comfortable with, I would probably just ask the shop to replace that sensor next time I got the oil changed, and hope that gets rid of the warning. For most cars, the oil level sensor costs only a few bucks and they are easy to replace. It is probably not worth paying a shop to try to diagnose the problem. The way they would probably ‘diagnose’ it would be to try a new sensor.

oldschool: Here are the answers to your questions.

The oil is not low when I the warning. I took it to get a regualry scheduled oil change. After that is when the low oil warning started. I brought it back the next day and they did another oil change (for free) checked the oil and it was good. Turned the car over and the low oil light came back on. I think it just needs to be reset. I am due for another oil change and I am going to bring it to the dealer to get it done.

How did the ignition on,press gas pedal to the floor 3 times work out? Did you yry this? Does your car also have a “change oil now” reminder light?

their are settings for the oil/low coolant/tire need to reset them .i do that thru the radio controls on my montecarlo.take a look at the owners manual and that will walk you thru it.or call your local chevy.this might be your problem

After the first oil change but before the second one, was the oil actually low? If so, how low?

I took it to the dealership for an oil change and I told them about it. They said the would rest all the settings. Of course after paying I started it up and the warning was still there. I am going to check the owners manual to see if there is a way to reset it. I tried the key and press the pedak 3 times and no luck. Between oil changes it was low but not low enough in my opinion for the light too come on.It does not have a change oil light but a percentage of oil used. I am very disappointed with this car. The warning lights are not reliable and annoying and really have no function. What ever happened to the old days when you could open the hood and fix your car and have room to do it.GM really needs to get there act together and start making cars that last or give warranties that matter. Needs to be more then the 3 yrs 36,000 and if not the extended warranty needs to be worth something( i.e Kia or Hyundai 10 100,000). I will check the maual over the weekend and update the post.

Thank you everyone for your help.

what kind of reading on the dipstick did you get when the engine was running???