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Celebrity Sightings

I was wondering if the picture of you guy on the Seattle Times website (http://sea…/html/home) was accurate. I have spent the last 2 years thinking it was a cheesy picture of Judd Hirsch and Danny Devito from the TV Show Taxi (cira early 80’s). That was until I FINALLY clicked on the picture and it took me to a car talk link. Is that what you really look like? I honestly always pictured you guys as a couple Carol O’Conners circa Heat of the Night.

I tried to make these same refrences to my 26 year old Girlfriend, but she just reminds me that she was only a fetus when those show aired. Knowing you old coots know what the heck I am talking about, I had to send this in.

Love the show, great laughs, great info and more great laughs

Sincerly Grey and Rainy in Seattle.

Um…Tom and Ray don’t visit here. Sorry.