Sweetie? Again?

Am I mistaken, or are they running re-runs of re-runs? I remembered the caller named Sweetie from this morning’s show because she spoke of her commute from Durango CO to Cortez CO in her 190K+ mile Ford Explorer. That’s a trip I have made MANY times too, although not as many as Sweetie. I’m pretty sure I remember her original call from several years ago because I’ve been there and done that. And then there was her name. I think I remember the “original” re-run from a shorter while back when 190K+ miles did not seem high for the car’s age. Anybody else?

These calls were reruns 15 years ago. During the last 15 years I may tune in 3 or 4 times a year and I lose interest because I have listened to the same show in the past. Sure there were new shows produced in the last fifteen years but half of the shows aired during production were reruns.

I don’t recall routinely hearing re-runs until shortly before Tom’s death. NOW they call the show “The best of Car Talk” to admit to all those re-runs. I probably remember one or two per show. Most segments airing now are probably from the '90s as the caller’s cars are from that era and have comparatively low mileage. I think they may have used old material, as well as old routines for asking for money, years ago, during semi-annual begging week, but that’s it. Don’t get me wrong, I do contribute, but this next week or so will be very hard to listen to. In my travels, I have noticed that not every station begs at the same time. I think they are working up to starting this coming Saturday here.

I still watch reruns of Seinfeld & laugh, even though I could tell you exactly what the next scene/dialogue is.