Thanks, guys, for the Christmas show!

I gotta wait for everyone else to wake up before I can open a present, and you guys give me some great laughs while I wait! Seriously, you fellows will be blessed for sacrificing your time today! All god things!!

I hate to be a buzzkill, but if I recall correctly, they record the show on Wednesday for broadcast on Saturday. I think I read that on this very website somewhere.

It’s a great show. How can twins be so different?

They’re not twins. They’re about 12 years apart. Tom’s the older one.

We know. Caught one.

Good show, but why all the repeats lately? Have you noticed that most of the callers are asking about cars that are 10 to 20 years old, and the puzzler is a repeat from 2004. They used to announce “encore” programs, now they just piece together parts of old programs. Have they retired?

Retired from what?