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Can anyone guess the make, model, year of this car?

The picture is from a security camera. The local cops are looking for a flasher and think he is driving this car. It is red and may be a 90’s model. Any thoughts?

Ford Thunderbird?!

My thoughts are the police have plenty of their own resources up to using other law enforcement agencies to figure this out, and don’t need amateur analysts clouding the issues. And they have data bases, experts and such. Is this really a police concern or are you just checking up on you spouse or ex.

I asked over on another ‘guess the car from the pic’ forum, and most thought it was a 2-door Buick, '89-'92, either a Regal, a Skylark, a Sommerset, or a Century.

I agree that it is a 2-door GM intermediate from the late 80s-early '90s.
Possibly a Buick, but it could also the equivalent model from the Oldsmobile lineup.
However, it does hint at Buick styling of that era more than it hints at Olds styling.

I think that texases has provided some very good clues.

It looks to me like it might be a Chevy Celebrity. They were available from 1982 through 1990.

that’s a Ford Tempo I’d bet. Gangly front bumper, side markers and wheel covers give it away.

We all can guess. The flasher story is kind of unsettling to say the least and I agree if it is true I hope there are more people working on it than it appears. I would be bothered if a person was screaming “flasher” and this was not actually the case.

GM product…Buick Regal or Pontiac 6000 possibly.

the wheel covers look more like a Ford to me. But can’t really tell if it’s a Taurus, Tempo, or Thunderbird