CD player problems

1999 Honda Civic EX

I still have the factory Cd player(single unit radio/single disc CD player) in the car. This morning when going to work, the player would not read my CD, which I didn’t think anything of since colder weather causes it to not read it right(after a certain track #, I need to go back a few tracks before it’ll read the CD or it’ll skip/not play). Well, I tried going back but it didn’t work, so I tried ejecting the CD and it wouldn’t even eject it. Turned to the normal FM radio, which plays fine, but it will not go back to the CD, nor will it let me eject it.

My guess is that the factory player has gone kaput since I use it all the time, and it’s 11 years old. I guess my real question is, how do I get the CD out of there? Could it be done without getting inside the dash and removing the CD player itself? I don’t see anything on the front of the player that looks like I could stick a paper clip or something into to eject it like computer players have.

Pull the battery terminal and it may eject in reset mode. The fuse may work but usually not.

I tried again after work today to get the CD to play, but nothing happened. Then, while I was on my way to grab some food, the CD just popped out. I grabbed the CD and put it back in and it played. I went inside to get my food, came out and it wouldn’t play, but I was able to eject it. Put it back in and it played again.

I don’t know if it’ll work in the morning, but I’ll try and keep you guys updated

I would be shopping for a new deck, er, entertainment center…

Well, thing is, Do I put a new one in before I sell it when the new car comes in(still hoping for a March/April delivery), or do I just let the person buying it know that the CD player has been acting up recently