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CD Player

Does anyone know how to repair or remove the CD player in the console of a 1997 Ford Explorer?

I tried cleaning it with a CD cleaner disc and no response.

Help is appreciated!!!

Try this

Hi, a friend of mine put a CD into my CD player (toyota celica 2002). I wasn’t able to eject his CD. As far as I know, my car still has the CD in it. However, when I switch from radio to CD, nothing plays. I’m afraid of putting in another CD to check if it works or not, what if I never get that CD back either? The CD/radio player is the factory installed one. Thank you.

Look for two CD’s in the slot, I have seen it happen numerous times.

The problem though is that the 6 CD player is in the arm rest between the 2 front seats and not directly in the dash.
You lift up the arm rest lid and the cd player cassette is in there.
You eject the cassette and place the cd’s in and push the cassette back in.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance…