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CD Player

My 1992Ford Explorer came with a 6 CD player. Last week I could not take the CD’s out of the player. Then like a miracle next time I started the truck the first one came out and then the rest. II inserted 6 new ones they all played without problem. I pushed the eject button and they all came out. Now the lid will not open and when I press to load the CD’s it shows error no CD on each of the 6 slots. What is your take on this and how can I fix it.

I’d say it’s time to start shopping for a new CD player.

You could talk to your local stereo repair shop, but the cost to repair this unit will probably exceed the cost to replace it.

On a 1992 car, I would replace it with an after market unit. SoundDomane & Chrutchfield are two on-line sources of units that I have used and been happy with. If you are not the diy type, then I would suggest a local automotive audio shop.

Any chance a label came off a CD? I would open the unit and inspect,what do you have to loose?

If that is the original CD player, It’s like Sha Na Na; too old to work any more. Back then, people still had golf carts with three wheels. I hadn’t started making dumb jokes about Sears, and Underground Radio wasn’t invented.

I have to wonder, did a '92 Explorer offer a 6-disc changer? I doubt it. Maybe the OP’s vehicle is a 2002.

Doesn’t change the situation. The CD player is still toast, but were there 6-disc changers in 1992? I don’t think so.

Try using a compressed air spray can(e.g. 'Office duster") in the CD port. If there is dirt gumming up the works it may blow it out enough to fix the problem.