Cd stuck!

I recently made a music CD for a “road trip”. What I didn’t do before placing it in the CD player in the car to test it was read the owner’s manual. I made a clever CD LABEL which was not a good thing. As you can expect, the CD would not play … nor would it come out when I tried to eject it.

My question is this … how do I get the silly thing OUT! Are there any car radio repair places in the Grand Rapids, MI area that will “fix” it for me? Help! Our road trip is coming up and we need the radio fixed!

Well, what will have to happen is that they will have to take the radio out of the car, disassemble it, remove the CD and the (now shredded) label, clean everything, reassemble it, and then put it back in the car.

What I’m getting at is that it might be cheaper just to replace the radio.

there might be a very small circle you can stick a pin or a pen into that might eject the cd. it would be a side-effect but it might work. the thing would actually be there to let you reset your clock.

It might be worth trying to grab it with a long forceps to assist in pulling it out if you have to disassemble or repair it anyway. I’m sure the label is just making it stick.

Do you need the radio fixed or the cd player? Are there no boomboxes for sale in Grand Rapids?

I would like to have the CD player (which is in the radio) fixed if possible. If not, I need someone (a business) to take it out and put in a new one if it can’t be fixed. I just don’t know where to go to get it done and at a reasonable price.

If the label shredded than you’ll likely have to replace the unit. Look up an automotive sound system shop for this.

Be sure to tell them you want the new unit installed using an adapter plug. An adapter plug is spliced to the new unit on the bench and plugs directly into the car’s original wiring harness. It’s far safer to the vehicle than splicing into the harness. The adapter will typically cost less than $25.

Good luck.

“Are there any car radio repair places in the Grand Rapids, MI area that will “fix” it for me?”

Is there no Google in Grand Rapids?

There. Problem solved.

“If I’m curt with you it’s because time is a factor.”

Just do a google on stuck cd and you’ll find a couple good sources. Sounds like repair in in the mult-hundreds of dollars to go that route. The most promising is to take a butter knife or narrow putty knife, affix heavy duty double sided tape to the end of it. Put a piece of paper on the top of the knife and slide the knife in and on top of the cd. Push down to adhere the knife to the cd and push the eject button while pulling on the knife. It should come out.

“If I’m curt with you it’s because time is a factor.”

I just got done watching that movie, tarcaulk!