i was trying to find a better exhaust for my car to make it louder and sound a bit meaner and i came across something that i have been seeing and hearing about but idk what it is or what it does its called a Turbo catback exhaust now do u need a turbo for this exhaust??? whats the difference between this and the regular catback exhuast? i just dont get it


Save the money; exhaust noise will drive you crazy after a while. Nobody will notice except those who don’t like the racket. Money can be good to keep in reserve if you want to travel.


Ditto PDV2’s reply,reminds me of the people that buy the nice,new ,Dodge Cummins diesel and screw with the exhaust-sounds horrible and extremly annoying(been around heavy equipment all my life and now I like peace and quiet,any way the factory engineered exhaust is plenty good)-Kevin


Nobody will notice except those who don’t like the racket. Very True.

However in some areas the cops may notice.


One most four cylinders you’ll just end up making it sound like a weedeater. At any rate a turbo muffler is simply a style of muffer, in the same way a glass pack is a style of muffler. It has nothing to do with turbochargers.


a turbo muffler was made to go behind a turbocharger. since the turbo uses the exhaust for power, the turbo muffler has been designed to give very little back pressure.

also, since the turbo takes some of the noise away, the muffler doesnt have to do much of that either.


Don’t waste your money trying to make what is supposed to be an economy car sound “meaner”. You’ll probably get attention but not because people think you are cool. Sorry to burst your bubble.