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Cars for men


For the “poster boy” example of someone who knows this well, consider Warren Buffet. He’s currently the richest man in the world, net worth estimated at $68billion. That’s 6.8 times what mobile paid for exxon. A few years ago he finally traded his worn out old beat up car because it became unreliable. He bought a new Lincoln. Which he’ll probably keep for 15 years.

Wasn’t his old beater a Taurus?

It may have been. I don’t recall the make or model, but I do remember that it was nothing spectacular.

Like the late Sam Walton’s(of Walmart) old pickup truck.

You know guys…big brother does not want us to to drive anything but “weener” hybrids cars. All of us with low self esteem or real estate commitments are in trouble.

I’m a chick and I drive a 95 Dodge Intrepid- how feminine is that? Never cared to check. It’s blue, though - crap, a boys color!
Dammit, I guess I’m a lesbian, :wink:

Being economically conscious is important in these times, and a lot of smaller economy cars are usually considered more feminine than male, but as long as you’re happy driving it it doesn’t matter. In the end it’s about how YOU feel when you step out of the vehicle that matters.
That being said I prefer Toyota (reliability/gas mileage/durability). I’ve had a T100 that’s lasted 240,000 without any issues besides starter (80 bucks and just a few bolts) and never had to perform any other maintenance beyond routine-even when I backed it up over a rock half the size of the truck, bottomed it out on multiple slate creekbeds, and ran over trees when I lost my way after hunting. The new Tacoma (have a 4 door Sport with the TRD package) still gets on average 22mpg-and it’s 4wheel drive. Honda makes some mean vehicles, and Subaru is also pretty beefy (a 4 cylinder Impreza WRX can beat many of the larger V8 cars). In this day and age it’s all about getting from A to B without having to stop for gas or repairs, but if you’re looking for style there are plenty of vehicles that meet both criteria. =]…And something that may seem strange to most is that a lot of Toyota vehicles are made almost entirely in the USA. Tundra is in TX, Sequoia and Sienna (and Tacoma I believe) are in IL, Camry Venza Avalon Solara are in KY, Corolla and Matrix are in CA.

Well, you are clearly the target market for this product . . .

If only the biker ballz came in chrome!

 I wouldn't ridicule.  But yeah of course there's chick cars.  (Note I know guys who own all of these but still..)  Miata.  Jetta.  Anything that's pink.  I have not seen a single guy driving those tiny underpowered SUVs chicks will buy instead of just buying a car.  I think most people would argue a Corvette, Viper are mans cars (some will say "he's making up for something" but still...)  As Rex Racer says below, a Dodge with a 440 is a mans car.  And as Xebadaih says, a pink car is a women's car.

 Even within the same vehicle range, they'll make some model truck, then make the same model with extra like step-up ladders, cushy seats, "vanity" mirrors and such.  That's the women's model!

 I won't let this stop me from buying any car I want, but YOU should grow up, the car companies do aim some cars at one gender or the other.

I’ve actually seen these on a couple of trucks. Not recently, thankfully.

Well said, MB.

When a guy chooses to spend time worrying about how others will perceive his choice of car, that guy is extremely insecure about his own masculinity. IMHO, the only person who is more insecure about his masculinity is the other guy who actually does voice an opinion about whether someone else’s car is “masculine” or “feminine”.

Years ago, some people used to say, “Real men don’t eat quiche”. My response was, “Real men don’t give a damn about what others think of their menu choices”. In a similar vein, real men don’t care whether someone else thinks that a particular car is a “guy car” or a “chick car”.

If you do worry about this type of thing, all you are doing is demonstrating to the world that you are insecure.