Car Won't Shift out of Park!

Here’s a wacky one for you guys. My wife’s AC quit blowing air last week (a '05 Nissan Altima), so I decided to check all the fuses before just replacing the blower motor. I pulled all fuses out in all three fuse boxes and didn’t find any blown. Got a call from an upset wife later that day saying she could not shift the car out of park. Currently, she is driving it by using a screwdriver to release the safety switch next to the shifter. Any ideas??

Here’s how the ciruit works.

Fuse 20/10 amp supplies power to the stop switch on the brake pedal. When the brake pedal is depressed it closes the switch to supply power to the shift lock solenoid which allows the shift lever to move.

So check fuse 20, the brake pedal switch, or the shift lock solenoid.


Thank you! I managed to put a fuse back in the wrong slot but got it figured out now. In the attached picture it was the sixth slot down on the right side. So just moved that up to the fourth slot and fixed the problem. Now just have to fix the blower motor…

before you put in a blower motor, make sure that the resister pack carmakers use to control the motor is OK first.