2013 Nissan Altima - shifter won’t let me out of park

My nissan altima 2013 the shifter won’t let me out of park

This is a temporary way to get you going but you need to get the well-known problem fixed

2013 NISSAN Altima Sedan - Shift Lock Release - YouTube


The most common cause of this issue is a faulty shift interlock solenoid. The shift interlock solenoid lock the shifter unless the key is in the on position and the brake pedal is depressed. Many times you can hear a small click sound when pressing on the brake indicating that the shift interlock solenoid is working properly. If you do not hear a slight click with the engine running or the key in the on position when pressing on the brake, this could indicate a faulty shift interlock solenoid

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OP, you’re pressing on the brake pedal at the time, right? If so, ask a helper to verify the brake lights are turning on when you press on the brake pedal.

Thanks I’m mobile now

It’s temporarily “fixed,” will I have to take it to a shop and how much money is that? Thank you

Since the problem is not really known , where you are , what kind of shop you will use or the labor rates of your area who knows .


If the work-a-round fixes the issue (temporarily) , pretty good chance the repair fee for long term fix will be reasonable.

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