Car will not shift?

Car will turn on, but the shifter will not move out of park on an automatic transmission jetta. any advice?

  1. Are you putting your foot on the brake? I hate to ask, but I must

The reason I ask is your car as a brake shifter interlock, basically this is a solinoid that will not allow the car to shift out of park unless the brake is on.

  1. if your foot is on the brake, you should hear a click from the shifter, if you do not than the soloniod is probably bad. There is usually an overide, so read your owners manual for that

Good luck

I just had the same problem in my 05’ suzuki verona… what happened was a fuse was blown so the brake lights wouldn’t come on… therefore not sending the signal that I was pressing on the break, and not letting me shift out of park.

VW had a huge recall for a faulty brake light switch. You need to contact the dealer to get it fixed. They will also be able to tell you how to get it out of park.