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Window goes down, then up

My driver’s side automatic window has been stubborn for about 2 years now. I can roll it down fine, but in order to close it, the window goes all the way down first, then up. Very frustrating, and possibly not safe, if I ever need to roll it up quickly. (In recent days, it often takes several attempts to raise it; basically gets stuck.) The same thing is happening on another window now too! Time to get it repaired. Was told by Lexus that it would cost $600-800 for each window if the culprit is a defective switch or motor. Otherwise, the windows may just need lubricant – something could be triggering the child safety feature. Anyone ever experience this, and if so, did repairs cost so much? I’m looking at $1600 to fix this problem…

I doubt if anything needs replacement. Sounds like a programming problem. Try holding the switch in the down position after it goes all the way down for about 15 seconds. Repeat for the up cycle. Contact Lexus if that doesn’t do it.

What year and model?

It’s a 2001 RX 300. I bought it new. It’s at 90k miles. Starting to cost me in repairs, maintenance.