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Mazda locked but window opens when I pull door handle

So when I get out oft Mazda cx9 I lock the doors and then check if the doors are locked by pulling the door handle. And then the windows roll down by themselves. It freaks me out because what if someone else comes up to the car and is able to open the window? So I went to the car repairman and they say nothing is wrong and it’s not possible to make the window roll down from the outside. What am I supposed to do?

Did you take it to a Mazda dealer or an independent mechanic? Did you demonstrate this phenomenon to the mechanic? How can they say it’s not possible if you show them what happens?

Assuming you have power windows, a wire could be wrapped around the latch mechanism. If you were to sit inside the car with the door locked and hold down the interior handle, would it still do it? (Warning: this may set off your car alarm if you have one).

This may be a feature that is programmable (on or off) by the service folks at a Mazda dealership.
Even though the traditional thinking is to avoid dealerships, this could be a situation where only a dealership knows how to program (or deprogram) a feature like this.

I suggest that you spend some time reading the Owner’s Manual, especially as it may relate to this situation, as it may mention this issue. It is not unusual to find some unusual features on a new car that can be activated or deactivated by the dealer’s service dept.

Take the ignition key and place it at a distance farther than twenty feet from the vehicle. Now try opening the door. If nothing happens, the vehicle has a proximity recogintion system related to the ignition key.


I can make my windows roll down while I’m outside my vehicle, press the unlock button twice and hold it on the second push. I have the smaller version of your car, the Cx-7.

Do you have the keyless entry/start function on your remote? I’ll echo Tester’s comment about setting the keys inside the house or something then trying to reproduce the incident.

I went to the mazda dealer. But when I tried to show them, it had performance anxiety and didn’t do it.

Do you have the keyless entry feature? If so, is there anything in your manual about this? This could easily be part of that feature.