Trouble starting 99 Corolla

My '99 corolla has had some trouble

starting lately. I first noticed the problem occurring after a rain, but lately it has occurred on dry, cold days as well.

What happens is this: when I turn the key, there is just an empty “click”, it doesn’t try to turn over at all. This happens 3-10 times, then sometime between the fourth and eleventh attempt, the car starts perfectly well. While making the attempts, I tend to turn off all extra electronics (stereo, headlights).

The car doors normally lock electrically as the key is turned. During these unsuccessful key turns, the car doors do not lock.

I got the car used, and someone had installed an after-market remote car starter. I removed the internal kill switch for this starter.

Is this likely just a battery problem? Or is sign of something else? It’s strange to me that the starter seems completely dead when I first try it, then starts perfectly well after a few tries.

Could be the battery terminals just need cleaned. Take it to one of the local Auto parts store like Advanced Auto or Auto zone. They will check the battery for free and possibly even clean the terminals

Hm. Well I scrubbed the terminals; they didn’t look too bad & the battery looks pretty new.

Aftermarket remote starters have caused numerous failures, most due to sloppy installations. Lots of them have been here before you.

I suggest you totally remove the remote starter, wiring and all and see if there is still a failure.