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2012 Equinox battery issues

2012 Equinox at 5300 miles after driving and returning home key would not come out of the ignition switch. Key would turn, but car would not start and key would not come out. Car was under warrenty- local dealer towed and said battery was dead. I thought this was very strange a new car with a dead battery and that made the key not come out of the ignition? 2 years later and at 39,850 miles I used remote start to start car. Get into car- it’s warm, fan, heater, defrosters are all running. When key is put into ignition car dies. Same as before- key will not come out of ignition switch no lights will come on and car will not restart. Car is towed into a GM dealer. Once again I am told battery is dead. Dealer made me pay for repairs even after being told this was now the 2nd GM battery for this car and this battery was just 2 years old. They ‘offered’ to charge me $100 to run a full test on the car. My question- were the batteries both really dead? How did the remote start work if the battery was dead? Also should GM not be resposible as this is now the 2nd battery for a 2012 car? Is it possible there is an electrical problem with this car that keeps running the battery down? I’m looking for any help from the mechanics out there before I call GM customer service.

There are many people with the same problem as you. They all get shafted on buying batteries. The real problem is parasitic draw caused by the BCM. They can try reprogramming it, but it may have to be replaced $770.

I need to know if remote start is aftermarket.I know that aftermarket will entirely disconnect start and ignition system if you hit the brake before turning the key to run.You should be able to restart using the remote after a shut-off.I would suspect the remote start system before most anything else.If it’s aftermarket, it could be hooked up wrong. The part about not being able to take the key out baffles me,I’m not sure if ignition switches are made to lock onto the key.

A car on the fritz can indeed drain the battery without the owner knowing it. And a key or remote key system on the fritz could cause this. There a test called a phantom current draw test , usually done at the battery connections, that can tell if this is happening or not. Unfortunately with the complexity of newer cars – post 2006 mostly – this test can be difficult to perform and get accurate results without an experienced tech there who knows how. If the $100 is for this test, and the tech there are experienced with this vehicle, having that done seems like a good bet.

I picked up a Voltmeter with a cigarette lighter plug to check battery voltage on a 2003 Taurus. I used on my 2013 Equinox and found the battery voltage drops to 11.8 - 11.9V if it sits for a few days. The daily commute (~25 miles) keeps the battery charged. I’m guessing all the electronics in the car have a high parasitic drain. Does your Equinox make a lot of short trips that would keep the battery from being fully charged?

This is the voltmeter; I paid ~$14 on Amazon.

No starting or battery issues so far, but I’m going to start using my Battery Tender or a trickle charge to keep the battery topped off.


Remote is factory installed and car does not make short trips- drive to work everyday is 30-40 mintue trip

What was the problem? Glove compartment light staying on?

Why ask questions of people who have been gone for years?

They’re in my unread file, no year attached.