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Car Talk’s advertisers think I’m missing teeth!

I have an ad blocker in my computer’s browser, but when I visit this forum on my phone, I’ve been noticing I always see the same advertisement.

I hate to disappoint you, Car Talk, but I’m not missing any teeth!

…and now they’ve changed the gender of the person who has missing teeth!

I bet that guy plays a mean banjo. Just looks like a good banjo player smile, no?

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Haha! I’m not sure what she does…

She plays ice hockey.


Search the Play Store for “ad block browser.” There are a number of good options.

As an amateur–very bad–banjo player, I’d take exception to that if I could. :wink:

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I’ll just mention that the best banjo player I know of (Steve Martin) has all his teeth.

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Yes, Steve is quite good. I play frailing/claw hammer (Grandpa Jones) style. I don’t have the dexterity for fancy picking. My main instrument is guitar.

Speaking of Car Talk’s advertisers, I’d like to know what this lady is selling. I can’t even see the make and model of the car.

What kind of car do you think it is? It’s definitely a convertible.

Car ? There is a car in that picture ? :wink:


Are you sure you didn’t do a dental implant search on the internet a while back? I do a search on Lithium starting batteries for motorcycles and the next thing I know, lithium battery adds everywhere.

Whatever she’s selling, I’m buying!

She’s definitely very patriotic


I wish I could hack into Carolyn’s webcam and see the look on her face when she sees this. We call this a family-friendly forum, but with advertisers like this one, is it really?

I’m of the opinion that they’re just ta-tas, and every child has seen them, but we’re not all as liberal as I am when it comes to this kind of thing.

MY ad blocker works very well and I don’t see any ads on car talk.

Pretty sure it’s an ad for Florida or sunglasses.

Ah, but those are bodacious ta-tas

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That cloud to her right kind of reminds me of the old Pontiac “Indian” logo. With a little imagination of course.

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Then she looks at you and you notice the missing tooth.