Ads on cartalk webpage

geez people, I know I m a little over the hill but I just saw an ad that was kinda insulting, tho accurate, I guess.

Russian Senior Dating for Men

they aren t even serving us up young Russian women anymore, afraid we ll have a heart attack and the check won t clear…

Phew, you got that one too?? I just got a new computer and knew it was not from anyplace I clicked on since my machine is super clean right now. I wasn’t really in the market for a Russian Senior bride either and really would not like to try and explain why it was there. There was a little X though to click on that seemed to make it go away.

If only we could make the Russian senior politicians go away that easily…

Well, “X” marks the spot or a red dot well placed.

Oh my gosh, now they are from the Philippines and they think I want a hot date. No I don’t leave me alone.

I wouldn’t mind a Russian gal, but competing on whose mustache is bigger is a little troubling to me.


Hi - this came up back in November when another user complained about it. If at all possible, could you take a screenshot and send it to us? We can ask the ad services company to stop running the ads. Or, perhaps, if you can give me the name I will try to make that work.

Well, there could be worse ads that pop up.

Male enhancement drugs…I took one once and it got caught in my throat…I had a stiff neck all week!!!

Bladder control, adult diapers, Flush body toxins now, Ear hair trimmer with kick starter,
memory pills,

Forget Chia pets. Soon there will be …Grow your own replacement heart with our DNA test and grow kit.


Whatever, but they are a little embarrassing having them pop up on your screen. I’m afraid I’m not adept enough to do a screen shot. Maybe Wes knows how. So far its just Russians and Filipinos though.

no bing, I m a well known luddite

I believe her name was olga…

I think that you guys need to install Ad Blocker or some other free program that allows you to surf the web w/o any of those ads. I see none of the annoying stuff to which you refer, and I have to assume that it is because of one of the features that I have installed on my laptop.

Yes, ad blocker works well for me, I don’t see ANY ads.


+2 for adblock. I don’t see any of these things. As an update, I’ve been told the request has been made to omit those advertisers. If you see any other such ads for the brides, let me know.

Most computers track YOUR search history and target your screen with ads relative to you.
I see none of those you speak of…would you like to see the shoes I’ve been shopping recently ?

AND…my wife’s nursing scrubs just popped up along with New Pig absorbents.
So,apparently, it’s tied to my email account search history.

YOUR ads will therefore be tied to yours …careful what you click on.

Wow, I thought I was clueless with a computer but even I put adblocker on mine. Just google it, pick one of the versions and follow the directions.

Just when I figured on meeting a gal that didn’t speak a lick of english…you go and ruin it for me. My dreams of peace and quiet have been dashed!!!


^Just because she doesn’t speak English, doesn’t mean she won’t nag you…

The ads are frequently based on what cookies your browser pulled in - based on searches and sites visited.

One reason I have my browzer (Waterfox) set to clear all cookies when I close it.