Car stuck in park, wheres the brake switch on a land rover?


Every mechanic seems to think my car is unique and parts arent where they should be. I have a 98 Land Rover Discovery. My gear is stuck in park, when i press down on my brakes, my brake lights dont go on which Ive been told can be a fairly common problem. READ BELOW, thats how I came to this conculusion. Now the issue is I cant find this switch anywhere. Anybody have any ideas where this could be? And no, I cant find my manual? Any help would be wonderful, no one is open for the holidays and Id rather not have to rent a car considering this seems like an easy fix. Thanks!

this switch activates your brake lights as well as the shift interlock solenoid that permits your shifter to move from park when the brake pedal is depressed. If your brake switch malfunctions, your Disco1 will remain forever in park and cannot be moved. We carry a spare brake switch in our vehicles at all times just in case.

I googled brake switch and rover and got this link…

hope this is helpful…

You’ve obviously eyeballed the area around the brake pedal arm, right? If there’s a fuse that’s common to both brake light and interlock circuits that could be it. Check all fuses. According to your other post you just had a master cylinder installed. Any wires coming out of M/C, etc, disconnected? Scan console/gearshift/dash area for an override switch. Some cars have them. Sorry, I can’t get on Alldata till 1-4-07. By the way, how’d you make out with your brake noise, or shouldn’t I ask?

on a related, but unusual thought, have you popped the bonnet and made sure the brake fluid is up to level?

on some autos, if the level is low, the pedal cant get enough pressure to trigger the switch. (not all cars have a mechanical brake switch to engage the PND neutral safety switch.)