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Cant get outta park and brake light wont come on!

ok i was over at my aunts house and she had me look at the 2002 kia spectra she said she couldnt get it out of park and she had just driven it the day before.

so i do the normal routine and check tranny fluid. just fine and car runs smoothly no error codes. so i start it and try my self and sure enough cant get it out of park. and when i pushed the brake pedal i could not hear the click of the tranny releasing and also. my aunt and brother said the taillights wrent coming on and if im right both of these are contrlled by the same switch.

my question is where is it located and what is it called and will it be an easy DIY job

The brake light switch is probably actuated by the arm of the brake pedal. I’ll admit I’ve never stuck my head under the dash of a Spectra, but that’s how most of them are. Replacing one is usually not a problem, 15 minutes tops, if you’re thin enough to fit under there. Give it a shot. It beats the heck out of paying for a tow.

so i just need to look for something that looks like its suppose to be depressed by the pedal?

The switch button may already be depressed, and the arm may release the tension, or it could be the other way around.

How’s your Corvair project coming?

ok ill look next time i go over.

trying to get started still waiting on approval on title switch and once that happens im going all out on it. i mean i havent seen the car for more than maybe 15 minutes total but i know its the one for me just gotta get her a runnin again

does ne one else kno if im goin in right direction? what exactly am i looking for when i look at the brake pedal?

The info you got is correct. The brake switch is usually just a simple switch that closes when the pedal is pushed on and then power runs to the lights. Look for a switch device mounted near the brake pedal arm. There will be some wires going to it. The trouble may be due to a lack of voltage getting to the switch so check for voltage on it when you find it. You may want to check for a blown fuse also, especially if you have no voltage getting to the brake switch.

The brake light circuit also runs through the turn signal circuit so that is a possible trouble area also. Possibly the flasher unit.

and that same switch enables the tranny to shift as well right? ill check the voltage for it if i find it and post back. ill check the fuse irst that way i can do the easy thing first. the hard stuff last

The switch will be high up on the linkage from which the brake petal hangs down. It is likely a tight space up and under the dash. You may need a flashlight to get some light in the area to see it. It is just a small micro switch. Look for some wires near the top of the brake petal and they should lead you to the connector on the switch.

It is possible the fuse for the circut is blown. Check the owner’s manual and locate the fuse box and any circut breakers that are on the same circut as the brake lights. When you get the brake lights working again the trans should come out of park.

Many cars also have a manual release on the auto transmission somewhere, the owner’s manual should describe that feature if the car has it.

ya i found the manual release but i couldnt get it to move