Shifter hard to move from P

Corolla '04: I have to press the brake pedal extremely hard to get the shifter to move out of the Park position. Help. Thank you

New brake light switch

  • or -
    re-adjustment of said brake light switch.

Many drivers who’ve been in an accident or a near accident and many ‘‘oh-sh—’’ braking maneuvers have found this to be a result too.

Thank you Ken; any idea where is the brake light switch. I am handy; can I do it? Thanks again.

Do you use your parking brake?  Not using the parking brake, can do what you are describing.  It is generally not a good idea to use the Park position, It is a good idea to always use the parking brake when you park and also to put the transmission into park after you apply the parking brake.  

If you have not been in the habit of using the parking, it would be a good idea to be carful for a while and make sure the brakes are not dragging from lack of use..  Look for the brake sticking on due to lack of use.

I’m not a toyota guy and there are no Corollas in my shop today ,
– but–
Up under the dash where the brake pedal pivots is where to find the switch.
Many vehicles use a rubber bumper on the push lever and THAT could be your first item of concern.

I checked real quick online and ended up on "how do I install a toyota corolla brake light switch."
They give the clue about the rubber-baby-buggy-bumper being an oft-occurring problem for the toyotas.
It may be as simple as getting a new bumper from a toyota parts department. :slight_smile:

“you can do it, we can help.”

Thank you Ken. In fact; my last Maxima lost its small rubber shoe behind the pedal and the brake lights would stay on.

I check later.