Parking Brake Light


I have a 1989 Toyota V6 4 WD pickup. Recently, the parking brake light on the dash began coming on while I was driving. It is intermittent and gets brighter and dimmer with no rhyme or reason. The parking brake is absolutely off and there is adequate fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. Can anyone tell me what might be going on and if it’s an easy fix or not?


If the fluid level is correct, the problem may be in the switch that controls the light. If it’s out of adjustment it will make the light come on even when the brake is fully off.

The switch is under the brake lever.


I agree, and suggest the problem could be with the other switch instead. This is the one inside the brake fluid reservoir. You might try jiggling it while someone observes the dash light.


i think your truck has the pull out handle, with a 1/4 turn and push in to release?

the spring gets lazy, and the handle (unless it’s completely pushed in) makes the switch come on.

try pushing the handle in, and yes, you may have to hold it in. see if that helps the light go off.

if that makes the light stay off, then thats where you have to look for the switch to replace, or repair the spring.


Thank you for your ideas!! I will work on it this weekend and let you know if it fixes the problem.