Neutral Safety Switch

My 2002 Ford Focus will not come out of Park. I can put a key in the Neutral Safety Switch overide, and it moves fine and drives fine. But when I put it into Park, I still cannot get out without the overide. Any idea? Thanks so much.

You are stepping on the brake, right? If not, that’s your problem. If you are, then maybe the switch on the brake is faulty, or the solenoid at the shifter.

Are your brake lights working? Sometimes they use the same switch for brake lights and the shifter lockout, but I don’t know for sure on the Focus. Anyway, those are the things I’d be looking at.

Thanks so much for the tip. I will check it out as soon as I can. Have a great day.

Yeah, you appear to be referring to the shifter interlock, not the neutral safety switch. Distinctions in nomenclature . As was said, I would first look at the brake lights …then the solenoid that enables/locks out the shifter.

Bingo, that was it. I replaced the brake light fuse and I was able to get out of park. I was wondering if that is a safety feature to prevent driving without brake lights. Either way, I just paid .80 for the repair instead of God knows what to Ford. Thanks so much and have a great new year.

No, it is a safety feature to keep you from putting into gear without your foot on the brake. Every modern car I’ve experienced has a similar function.