Car Stalls While Driving

I have a 2007 Ford Tauras with just over 23,000 miles; 3.0 liter engine. I was driving down a highway about 45 mph when the engine stalled, the RPMs dropped, several of the dash warning lights came on, the radio stopped playing and it very briefly lost powersteering. This all happened in a split second - then the engine resumed normal operation. This happened a couple days ago and hasn’t happened since. I took it to the Ford Dealership - they put it on their computer analysis machine and could not find any problem codes. I called my brother (who lives in another state) about this - he thinks it is a sign that the fuel pump is going out. Can you confirm this - should I have someone check for something else. Please advise - THANKS!

No, it’s not a sign of a fuel pump problem. (Fuel pump failure does not cause radios to fail.)
It’s a sign of a loose electrical connection somewhere or a bad ignition switch.

Hi, thanks for responding. I had another episode this morning on my way to work. This time, the engine did not almost die out, but a warning signal rang, the ABS light came on, the message board on the dash said “Check Braking System”, and the radio briefly stopped playing again. Again, this was very brief - a split second - then things returned to normal.

If this is a sign of a loose electrical connection - what and where on the car should be check?

From what I am reading on the internet, many other Taurus owners are experiencing the same problem. The problem seems to be caused by a faulty Transmission Range Sensor (TRS). One person wrote, “it appears that the TRS is connected to the instrument cluster and the ignition system which relates directly to your problem” (as with mine). What are your thoughts on this?