99 taurus dies while driving at Will

My 1999 Ford Taurus has been dying randomly at any given time. I have changed the fuel filter, top grade fuel, fuel cleaner, and it has thrown no codes. It will start and run, and I will drive down the road just a mile and the first thing that happens is the wheel locks up, the battery light comes on, then all others. It turns over and over and will not start, let it rest for a few hours and it will start again and do the same thing. some times it will go a few days with no problems, then it will go only a few minutes. Next thing on my list is change plugs and wires because I do not have much money so am just guessing at cheap things and hoping for the best. Any idea what this could e to make it stall at random times, not throw the engine light off? Im bewildered please any insight would be great.

It’s not the plugs. A fuel pump is a possibility as that can be intermittent and leave no codes but what I would consider first is the crankshaft position sensor. Those can be intermittent and cause the problems your car is having while leaving no codes. It’s also a common failure.

They’re about 30 something bucks at the parts houses and easy to change with one wire connector and 1 or 2 screws depending upon the application. You might go to the AutoZone website, register, and delve into the repair section.
They often have instructions on the more common vehicles which will show the placement of the part and how to swap it out. Hope that helps.

How about a bad ignition switch? Try taking your key off any key ring or chain you have and starting it with just the key. If it still fails, try wiggling the ignition switch and if anything changes.