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Car Stalls


I have a 2007 Ford Tarus that has stalled several times, it usually happens when I am stopped and waiting to make a turn it does not matter if it is a left or right turn. Usually before the car stalls the radio with pop, and if the air conditoner or heater is on it will fade out and blast back on. The other day I noticed the air bag light located near the radio was on for a while. This car has 33,000 miles. I have have taken it to the Ford dealer, and they could not find out what is wrong this card. In addition, I have taken it to a garage that specializes in electrical problems. They also could not diagnosis the problem.Doors try to lock sometimes when they are already locked.

Is it still under warranty? If so, keep all records and just keep coming back to the shop. Read the links below to understand your rights and obligations under the lemon law.

Lemon Laws:

It is possible that your alternator is on its way out.
Electronic components do not like inconsistent voltage and will act in a quirky manner when they are given fluctuating power, so it is very possible that a failing alternator is the source of all of the symptoms that you reported.