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Car stalls in hot weather lights on, radiator fan, radio on

i was driving my car last night lights on, radio on and when i was idling the radiaotr fan kicked on and my car stalled instantly. The car once in park started no problem. I only have had this problem since summer and when it is hot out. I have a large emissions leak (check engine light indicates) could this be the problem or sound more like alternator or computer or something else?

Why Not Tell The Folks What Model-Year This Taurus Is And Since We’re Talking About The Engine Stalling, Which Engine Is In It ? About How Many Miles On This Ford ?


sorry about that

I am driving a 1999 ford Taurus LX with a V6. The car has 207,000 miles on it and actually runs really well…except for this minor problem. I really have not had any problems with it just a few upgrades with the suspension and a new MAF. I drove it today to the store and no rough idle or any symptoms that it wanted to stall. However, lately when driving at night in the heat with lights on and radiator fan running it randomly stalls. Problems like this did not exist during the winter time or even when driving it last weekend for four hours on the highway. Hope this helps thanks for all the help much appreciated!!!

when was the last time you had your battery fully serviced. Include clean the posts, clean the lugs, wash the accumulated corrosive acid off, top up cells with distilled water, tighten lugs in place and coat with anti acid such as vasaline? It sounds like you have either a weak battery, or a weak battery connection. This is cheap and easy to fix, so I often recommend that it be the first thing you try under these circumstances.

Ford Talks About Fuel Volatility Concerns In Warm Weather Resulting In Driveability Problems, Including Stalling, In Many Vehicles Including The 99 Taurus.

The concern mainly presents itself when “winter blend” fuels are used in hot weather, but I suspect more ethanol is in gas now since Ford discussed this problem almost 14 years ago. Symptoms appear to be a fuel pump failure, but may be caused by a fuel pump vapor lock condition because of the gas.

However, since you’re probably running on “summer blend” I would experiment and try different brands of gasoline. I don’t imagine it would help, but I always buy “Top Tier” brands of gasoline. Ford suggests keeping the tank close to full and using the recommended octane grade and not a higher grade.

Since the “check engine” light is on then you won’t be alerted by any new codes. Have you tried taking it to a “national chain” auto parts store and having codes retrieved for free right after a stalling episode ?


I believe in coincidence, I would look at the radiator fan as the first source for a problem. It may need to be replaced.

the fuel pump may be the culprit I was pulling into a parking spot today (no headlights) and the “low gas” light lit up and then all of a sudden the car tried to stall but I was able to catch it by throttling the accelerator. Once this happened the gas gauge got kinda of screwy by showing a different amount of gas than what it previously was at. After coming back to the car it started up fine and I was able to drive home without any problems.

So from the suggestions so far when I take it in I will say radiator fan may be going bad and also the fuel pump. Can the components be tested at a shop. Do you think this could a computer malfunction?

I am going to suggest a possible poor ground wire. Make all ends an all wires going to the battery.

Based on your posts the problem seems to be associated with current draw. Since a vehicle with a good battery will run fine even of the alternator dies up until the battery runs down (been there, done that), I think Ignoramus is spot-on…it’s time to get your battery and charging system checked. I’ll bet your battery is just barely hanging on by a thread.

Hello guys. My car is doing the exact same thing. I did put half a tank of gas in it and the needle shows its low until I shut the car off, thats when the needle goes to where it belongs. I do know for sure the battery is about dead but would it send the fuel gauge the wrong signal?

It is 94 Cutlass Ciera and the Fuel Pump was replaced about 2 weeks ago.


I have a 1996 Chrysler Concorde with 190,000 miles and recently have began to have a similar problem. My car dying first began when I was low on fuel…I just started the car and began to back out of a parking spot which was sloped downhill to the front of the car. When I backed up just a short distance the car died and the gas light came on. It started right away and I went directly and filled with gas, but my car has died 8 or 10 more times since then. It has happened once when I was accelerating on interstate and another time when I was turning a sharp corner. The other times it happened shortly after I start the car. When this happens the gages drop as if the car is off and the gas light comes on. The two times when I was moving (interstate and turning) the car did begin running on it’s own. When after starting the car, I turn the key off then on and the car starts fine.
I took the car to a shop, as a few days ago the check engine light came on and stayed on. They said the check engine light had a code for the transmission and they reset it and they could not find anything wrong that would cause the car to die. Today during one trip the airbag light came and stayed on until I turned the car off. I have removed, cleaned and put back the battery connections. Could it be a short or bad connection in the wiring someplace? Could getting low on gas affect something that wouldn’t be completely reset when refueled?
Sure hope someone has a good answer.