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Car sounds like an old computer loading

I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty and recently it has started making this weird noise while I’m driving. It almost sounds like a very old computer trying to load the internet. It only makes the noise when I’m trying to accelerate or keep a constant speed. It doesn’t make the noise when I’m idling or have my foot off the gas. Does anyone know what’s wrong? Is it something that would be an easy/cheap fix?


Is it like a buzzing noise? If so,check for a loose exhaust shield.

Its not a buzzing noise. It literally sounds like an old computer grinding while trying to download something or load a web page.

A bad wheel bearing or possible a dry U-joint.

You will have to raise the vehicle and spin the rear wheels to check the wheel bearings.
Also look carefully at the U-Joints. Look for dusty rust thrown around the yokes. That is a sure sign that a joint need to be replaced.


How would you know? All the old computers were long-gone by the time there was an Internet.

I suspect you mean the sound of a modem making a connection over a telephone line, something one can still hear occasionally at stores and libraries that make non-Internet connections but actually dial up a remote computer over the phone lines. The FCC used to do that, how I used to communicate regarding my licenses.

If I’m right, it would sound like a belt squealing.

If the OP is talking about the sound an old computer made when booting up it may be the sound of the floppy disc drive initiating. It kind of had the the sound of a knocking engine bearing.

With all these wildly varying possibilities we need a better description. Better yet, a recording.

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Without a recording, we are all just taking shots in the dark.

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